Health care service in the U.S. and Colombia

The final paper for this course should compare one of the following dimensions as they relate to older adults — 1) retirement planning, 2) health care service delivery and finance, or 3) community long-term services and supports — in the United States and any other country in the world. The paper needs to: Introduce the two countries and the chosen dimension, Include background information on each country and dimension, state why the countries and dimension were chosen, and clearly state the focus of the paper in a thesis statement. Describe one of the three dimensions in the United States, Describe the dimension in the selected country, Comparatively analyze the countries, Consider – What is the impact of the two different cultures on the dimension and how does it compare across the countries as a result? How are the systems alike or different? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each system? Conclude with synthesis that discusses the implications of the comparative analysis. Consider – If one country’s system were adopted in the other country, how would older adults be impacted? Who would be most impacted and why? How does the dimension benefit from interdisciplinary perspectives? This assignment addresses the FKL dimensions of Critical Thinking, Inquiry-Based Learning, Human & Cultural Diversity, and Inter-Relationships Among Disciplines. The Comparative Paper also serves as the designated Global Citizen Project (GCP) assignment for the course. Paper Guidelines Length: four page minimum – six page maximum for body of paper. Title page and reference page required in APA format (and do not count towards the length requirement). Font: 12 point Times New Roman or 12 point Arial. Spacing and Margins: double spacing, only, with normal 1” margins. Formatting and Reference Style: APA 6th Edition Sources: Sources can include class readings and lectures as well as additional outside research from peer-reviewed academic journals, governmental publications, major non-governmental organizations, and other high quality sources. For example, is not acceptable as a citation, you would need to find the original source from Wikipedia. You must provide in-text citations for all resources, as well as a reference page. Submission: submissions need to be saved as one of the following types of files: .doc, .docx, or PDF and uploaded to Canvas by the deadline in the syllabus. Papers sent with file extensions other than those listed above and/or as attachments to email will be declined and accrue late points until properly submitted.

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