Health communications

 Module 2 explores the provider-patient relationship, which is an important area of health communication research. Your first writing assignment requires you to apply concepts from the textbook readings and at least one additional scholarly, peer-reviewed source (i.e., a scholarly journal article1) to the social and historical considerations affecting the health communication of either an individual employed in the field of health care2 or an individual who has extensive experience interacting with healthcare providers as a patient3. You will identify and interview someone4 and then analyze your interview by applying and synthesizing concepts from chapters 1-5 as they relate to their experiences with health communication. Assignment goals and guidelines: The first is to learn about a person’s experiences with the health care system, as well as their experiences acting in a particular role (e.g., as a patient or health care provider) within that system. The questions you ask are up to you; however, you should use the textbook readings as a source of topics to cover in your interview. The second goal of this assignment is to make connections between your interviewee’s experiences and the readings. Take notes during your interview—you will need to turn in your list of questions and the notes you took during your interview. Failure to submit these things will result in a 15% deduction from your paper grade (see below for information on how to submit these). If you choose to record your interview, you must ask your interviewee’s permission prior to recording him or her. You must also provide the name and contact information of your interviewee somewhere in your paper. Failure to provide this information will result in a 10% deduction from your paper grade. In your paper, analyze the interview(s) by applying and synthesizing concepts from the readings as they relate to their experiences with health communication. Your analysis must make use of our textbook (and please be sure to cite information correctly), but you are also required to consult and cite at least one additional credible, peer-reviewed source. The “Supplemental Readings” folder in Module 2 contains several articles related to the chapters in this unit, and you are welcome to use one or more of those as your additional source. It should be clear that you have completed and understand the readings and have the ability to apply some of what you have read by making connections between the textbook and the information collected during your interview. Your paper should: be 4-5 pages long and include a thoughtful analysis that makes use of the textbook and (at least) one additional source; be typed, double-spaced, and have 1 inch margins, and use a 12-point font (preferably Times New Roman); include a clear introduction, conclusion, and transitions between paragraphs; have your name appear on the first page or include a title page with your name (title page is not included in the 4-5 page length); cite information correctly using APA or MLA style. (Because this assignment requires you to draw connections to the textbook and an additional source, it is assumed that you will be paraphrasing and/or directly quoting information from these sources in your paper. Please remember that when you quote (taking direct wording from a source, even if it is only a phrase) or paraphrase (taking an idea from a source and describing it in your own words), you must provide a correct in-text citation); and include a separate works cited (or reference) page that lists your sources (this includes your textbook).

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