Hello Guys,This survey intends to quantify the needs of the

Hello Guys,This survey intends to quantify the needs of the users of the Opera browser. The missing features listed below are collected from the Opera desktop blog and forum.IMPORTANT! This is NOT an official Opera survey. There is no guarantee that the company will take this into account in decision makings.To keep the results as valid as they can be, please, fill the survey only once! You can save the link of the survey and edit your answers any time. None of your personal informations will be recorded in the results, only the answers you have given.I would like to make it a live survey, so features can be removed or new ones can be added later. (If you think something is missing, comment in this topic, or message Nekomajin43 on the desktop blog!) I know it won’t be a representative result, but it may show the trends and the top most wanted features. You can see the results after you submit your answers.ThanksI didn’t find the right solution from the internet.References:- http://forums.opera.com/discussion/1883544/non-off…- Feedback Management System Video Examples.

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