Hello, I am stuck on this one. Ikerd Company applies manufacturing overhead to units on the basis of machine hours used.

During the month, $325,000 of actual overhead costs were incurred and 130,000 actual machine hours were used. Instructions

. Give the general journal entry required to record the incurrence of the actual overhead costs. Assume that all of the overhead costs were paid in cash.

b. Compute the actual overhead rate for the month.

c. During the month, five different units were in production and each unit had the following machine hour usage: Unit #1: 18,000 machine hours Unit #2: 35,000 machine hours Unit #3: 24,000 machine hours Unit #4: 27,000 machine hours Unit #5: 26,000 machine hours Compute the amount of overhead that should be applied to each unit.

d. What total amount of overhead has been applied during the month?

e. Give the general journal entry required to apply the overhead costs to production for the month.

Please do not leave anything out. I will downvote the answer more than likely. For the journal entry, DO NOTenter it as a/c d/r

The pre determined overhead rate was not provided in the question unfortunately.

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