Hello, I have attached the rubric and the power point templa

Hello, I have attached the rubric and the power point template and guidelines the instructor wants a power point presentation that has notes included to what we will be saying for this presentation. it has to be 23 minutes long and has to be something we could implement to improve quality care. The template i provided will have some slides where this is not possible to gather this information as our teacher told us to put ‘could not implement’ but to give logical advise as to what could happen or what could be done if we were to measure it. I will submit three of the same project with 3 different topics. Please feel free to let me know of any questions or concerns.This is from the instructor as well. ‘I did state that you did not need to execute the plan, but that you should have a solid plan in place that could be executed. I do believe I informed all of you that this is great preparation for your last class (Leadership class) in which you have to do and implement a plan/project and even present it to the staff in the facility/unit you are doing your leadership piece on. ‘The topic for this one is ‘ How to fix customer satisfaction issues at spring valley hospital related to overcrowding.’the information can be gathered through the spring valley website.login for my school classhttps://lwwthepoint.blackboard.com/username:marleny.eguizabalpassword: Isaiahjm1class is 318 you can access all syllabus and powerpoint lectures if needed.

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