hello responses for 3 easy in two or three sentence for each

hello responses for 3 easy in two or three sentence for each one please(1)Who holds what leadership responsibilities in the team? What are the major issues with the team leadership in this team? Jack Fogel is the project leader, Valerie Merz is the project manager, and Karen Baio handles regulatory affairs. Dipesh Mukerjee is manager of software development, Bret O’Brien is the senior engineering manager, and Aaron Gerson is a scientist. Jack possesses an inability to conduct productive team meetings. He takes time to meet with members in small groups or individually, but he fails to bring the team together. Valerie Merz and Karen Baio have issues with other group members. They view certain members as keeping them from effectively doing their jobs. Valerie and Karen fail to bring their emotions in check. Little is known about Dipesh’s performance as a leader aside from his delay issues and inability to effectively communicate with the other members. Bret O’Brien and Aaron Gerson keep to themselves and are at odds with other group members like Valerie and Karen.What power sources does each team member in the team have? Jack Fogel’s power source is his role as project leader. Karen Baio’s power source is the regulations controlling product development. Valerie Merz and Dipesh source their power from their experience managing projects and developing medical software, respectively. Bret and Aaron draw power from the knowledge of their departments and their time with MediSys.How did O’Brien try to influence the team to meet his objectives? What other ways did each team member exert their influence? O’Brien threatened to leave the team in an e-mail to Jack Fogel regarding Valerie’s conflict with him over the modulation of the product. O’Brien disagreed with the modular design and disliked Valerie’s communication skills so he offered an ultimatum to meet his objectives. Valerie attempted to influence the team by voicing her concerns regarding the team’s productivity. She tried monitoring staff members to make sure they focused on the project instead of other tasks. Jack Fogel was very relaxed in his leadership role with little interest in reprimanding team members for poor performance or in organizing full team meetings to make sure everyone was on the same page and solve any problems. Dipesh attempted to reach out electronically regarding his delays, however no one replied. Karen, like Valerie, was vocal regarding her concerns of the ability to effectively test the product before release. She attributed this concern to her disagreements with Dipesh and Valerie. Aaron had little concerns over the finished product, but expressed skepticism over the effectiveness of Dipesh’s outsourcing strategy.(2)Who holds what leadership responsibilities in the team? What are the major issues with the team leadership in this team?Leadership is the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or set of goals. According to the case: There was no clear defining of duties for which each team member was responsible for other than the current role they served.Jack Fogel the Senior Production Manager and the project leader was focusing on the production aspects rather than the entire project and his role as a team leader. Fogel did not have any consideration of any of the team members and none of the team members report to him.Valerie Merz is the Marketing Manager and the Business, and the profit/loss leader in the project. She did not have a legitimate power over the technical teams, but felt she needs to have control over the team since Jack is not being effective in his role.Bret O’Brien is the Senior Engineering Manager and the leading engineer on the project. O’Brien, is a negative influencer as he would speak frequently with Fogel complaining about Merz.Major issues with team leadership on this team:Weak LeadershipLack of communication, respect, and trust among team membersNegative Perceptions towards each otherPersonal agendasWhat power sources does each team member in the team have?Legitimate and Formal Power/ Jack FogelBased on his position as the project leader. Fogel for example, had a legitimate power over the team but he did not optimize it or tried to control the team as he was only focused on his area.Expert and Personal Power/ Valerie Merz Based on her unique characteristics. Merz lacked the legitimate power since no one in the team was reporting to her, but her desire to control and experience in managing product developing teams gave her personal and expert power.Coercive Power/ Bret O’BrienBased on his use of negative influence. O`Brien tried to influence Fogel through the continuous complaining about Merz.How did O’Brien try to influence the team to meet his objectives? What other ways did each team member exert their influence?O`Brien tried to meet his objective through creating personal relationships. For instance, O’Brien and Fogel were communicating frequently regarding issues, they were aligned together and this led to lack of cohesion between the team members. O’Brien used to complain with Fogel about Merz. Likewise, O’Brien created a group within the team. He used to express issues and concerns with his group before the general meeting with the rest of the team members. He used this to be the dominant and gain support from other team members before the general. Furthermore, Merz’s desire to control resulted in an aggressive behavior that made the team members feel uncomfortable in the meetings. Fogel, did nothing to influence the team members as he was too focused on details which in return gave the team members the freedom to focus on their personal goals.(3)Who holds what leadership responsibilities in the team? What are the major issues with the team leadership in this team?Art Beaumont is the president of MediSys, and official leader of all projects, including IntensCare. Jack Fogel is the Senior Production Manager and IntensCare Project Leader. Valerie Merz is the Marketing Manager and IntensCare Business Leader. Bret O’Brien is the Senior Engineering Manager and Dipesh Mukerjee is the Software Design Manager.Team Leadership is severely lacking for the IntensCare project. Because the team consists of managers from other departments, no one wants to give up full power and come to the table with an open mind. All members of this team were leaders in their respective departments for various lengths of time. After being accustomed to a leadership position for long, it may have been hard for them to come to together to work as a group, especially since they were from different departments and specialties. No one wants to give up anything and the pressure from the deadline is causing a hostile and tense work environment, decreasing efficiency and efficacy. It is important to note that none of the team members demonstrate consideration for one another or have an employee-oriented attitude. There is no clear initiating structure. These behavioral theories of leadership are lacking and cause the symptoms we defined in previous weeks like lack of communication and lack of group cohesion.What power sources does each team member in the team have?All members have expert power in their individual disciplines. Power can be divided into two categories: formal and personal. Formal power is based on an individual’s position in an organization. It can come from the ability to coerce or reward, or from formal authority. Personal power comes from an individual’s unique characteristics. There are two bases of personal power: expertise and the respect and admiration of others.Art Beaumont, Valerie Merz, and Jack Fogel wield formal power, since they were placed in their respective positions. Bret O’Brien and Dipesh Mukerjee both wield personal power due to their expertise. You can also argue that Valerie Merz holds personal power due to her previous experience and personal investment in the profit/loss of IntensCare. Mukerjee jumps on the outsourcing because of his experience. Merz also has past leadership in her previous jobs. O’Brien holds power from his expertise. The latter three demonstrate this power in their behavior towards the team.How did O’Brien try to influence the team to meet his objectives? What other ways did each team member exert their influence?O’Brien becomes very petty and gives Fogel and ultimatum – get Merz off his back or he’ll quit. He tries to inundate Fogel with all the setback and problems the team is having in order to call off the meeting and go directly to their bosses to “give them the straight story”. Everytime O’Brien is approached with something, he brushes it off with an excuse. The concerns are either not important enough or secondary to his problems. This leaves the team in a situation where O’Brien’s needs are prioritized first. Another example of a team members exerting their influence is Mukerjee. From the get go, he outsourced the software design and development to India without consulting anyone on his team. He used his personal power source and decided to go above the team’s needs. We have seen and discussed the negative effects of this decision in previous weeks.

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