Description, an annotated bibliography for a research paper on A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen. This must be in MLA format and have 4 sources from scholarly articles. -TOWARD A TYPOLOGY OF FEMALE PORTRAITS IN LITERATURE CAROL PEARSON and KATHERINE POPE -THE FORGERY IN IBSEN’S DOLL’S HOUSE A. E. Zucker -Insisting on the Truth: Arthur Miller’s Adaptation of Ibsen’s “An Enemy of the People” Benedikte Berntzen -IBSEN: WOMEN’S VOTES AND WOMEN’S LIB Francis P. Magoun Jr. 1. Make sure the articles are NOT summaries, overviews, or newspaper articles. Use ONLY scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals from the HCCS Library Databases (such as JSTOR, ProQuest Research Library, and Academic Search Complete) 2. Do NOT quote a critic’s quoting from Ibsen’s play. If you quote from a critic, quote the critic’s opinion about the play. If you provide a quote, provide the page citation in parentheses. 3. Regarding verbs, don’t write “Templeton explains the play . . . .” A word like “explains” implies an acceptance of truth. A critic such as Joan Templeton is stating an assertion and developing an argument about the play. So, appropriate verbs would be as follows: Templeton believes, thinks, argues, asserts, contends, etc. 4. Your works cited entries must be correct. That means formatting titles properly, providing the correct sequence, and including a page range (not just the first page). Follow the rules for MLA; do NOT cut and paste information from the database. 5. Spell correctly. Double check all names and titles–compare what you typed for accuracy. There is no excuse for misspelling Ibsen’s name or the name of a character in the play–or a critic, for that matter.

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