Here is how I would structure the Powerpoint*noteyour slid

Here is how I would structure the Powerpoint:*note:your slide should only have bullet points, have a notes sheet or notecards for yourself to guide you through the presentation, but the PPTshould just be a visual aidSlide 1 – Your information (title of presentation, your name, course/class)Slides 2-4 – How Latin came to be (how it originated) /also introduction to ‘what is Latin’Slides 5-8 – How/why Latin became a dead language Slides 9-12 -How is Latin being used today?Slides 13/14 – Interesting facts about Latin (these could also be moved to the beginning as a hook for your audience)Slides 15-18 – Conclusion/your thoughts about the research/topic. Also, could this happen to another language and why?Slides 17-18 – Works Cited page! (always cite your sources)Slide 19 – the end

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