Here is the table she is referring tooTable 5.2 Gross– an

Here is the table she is referring too:Table 5.2 Gross– and Fine–Motor Development in the First Two YearsSources: Bayley, 1969, 1993, 2005.Answer these questions:Using Table 5.2 on page 182 in your textbook, Infants, Children, and Adolescents, how do David’s motor skills compare to the gross- and fine-motor skill milestones listed in the table? Should Mark and Nicole be concerned if David does not reach the milestones at the average age listed in the table? Why or why not?Using Piaget’s Theory, explain which substage of the sensorimotor stage best depicts David’s behavior and why. What behaviors would you expect next in David with respect to intentional behavior?Based on the information provided about David, how would you classify his attachment pattern? Describe the behaviors you would expect in a securely attached child. What clues would you look for to distinguish among avoidant, resistant, and disorganized/disoriented insecure attachment?

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