Hi. I need some help with my VBA code. I am currently using

Hi. I need some help with my VBA code. I am currently using an array for the number of PowerPoint slides and an array setup for the Excel Range to be copied. My issue is that I need to have two ranges selected. When I run the code, it includes all rows not the selected range. I have attached a couple of files for reference. The Excel file is a template of what I am dealing with. There is a header that I need to appear with selected ranges for each slide. In the excel file the Header range is $A$6:$I$8. Slide 1 comes out fine because it is the header and the first level (level 1 in excel file). The following slides include all rows, not the range that I provide. For example ‘List of Excel Ranges to Copy fromMyRangeArray = Array(Sheet1.Range(‘$A$6:$I$16’), Sheet1.Range(‘$A$6:$I$9’, $A$17:$I33),etc…..and the PowerPoint range is ‘List of PPT Slides to Paste toMySlideArray = Array(2, 3, 4, 5, 6)…The first slide is Cover Slide, which is why its starting at 2.The code i based my modified code off of is included in the files. Please help! Is the issue because the array used for the range is all from the same sheet?

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