Hi, this is the follow up assignment to the outline you did

Hi, this is the follow up assignment to the outline you did for me last week. Here are the instructions:Research project using APA format that applies techniques of quantitative analysis to identify solutions for a business problem.I AM ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR DOING THE DATA ANALYSIS PORTION. I HAVE ATTACHED AN EXAMPLE PAPER SO THAT YOU CAN HAVE AN IDEA OF WHAT IS EXPECTED. YOU ARE NOT DOING THE ENTIRE PAPER, JUST THE DATA ANALYSIS PORTION. PLEASE INCLUDE REFERENCES IF USED. PLEASE INCLUDE CHARTS SIMILAR TO THE ONES USED IN THE EXAMPLE ATTACHED. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT PAPER. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL AND ONLY USE FACTUAL INFORMATION. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR IF THERE IS SOMETHING YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND. I WILL TIP WELL IF YOU PROVIDE QUALITY INFORMATION.Comparison: Rising Cable Cost vs. Streaming ServicesGeneral Purpose: Compare traditional cable with streaming services Specific Purpose: Determine the future, or lack thereof, of traditional cableIII. Data AnalysisA. Membership growth comparison, 2015 1. Cable: 3% increase 2. Streaming Networks: 29% increase B. Streaming TV revenue growth from 3.1 billion in 2013 to 6.7 billion in 2017 C. Cable subscription distribution in 2016 1. unsubscribed from cable: 16% 2. scaled down package: 23% 3. no changes: 56% 4. never had cable: 5% D. Data by age group 1. 68 years and older: 92% watch traditional cable 2. 14 – 25 years: 72% watch via streaming

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