Hi Tutors!I need help with Reflective Analysis Paper.Assignm

Hi Tutors!I need help with Reflective Analysis Paper.Assignment InstructionsThe purpose of this assignment is for the student to explore topic areas learned in the course, with the integration of knowledge-base, discussion experiences, personal perceptions, and nursing research, through writing a professional (APA formatted) paper.Guidelines:Choose a specific genetic disorder and incorporate the following professional standards and competencies:Professional Practice & Roles: Advocacy, Teaching, ResearcherEthical & Legal Concepts: ANA Standards, Screening & Treatment Options, CounselingClinical Nursing Practice: ANA Competencies, Healthcare Settings, Management of CareNursing ResearchSearch on the APUS Library Databases and find at least four (4) peer-reviewed nursing research articles related to your topic (Two (2) articles on pathology of the disease, One (1) article on genetic component of the disease, and One (1) on pharmacogenomics or personalized medicine for treatment).Articles must be peer reviewed and published within the last 5 yearsYou must find articles that are not included in the Required or Recommended readings for this courseSummarize relevant content from the articles to be presented.Explore the topic based on the following:Your research articles (you must analyze and discuss the articles and any other peer reviewed resources based on your chosen topic).Experiences from course threaded discussions, case studies, and clinical practiceBe sure to note to keep patient confidentiality when giving specific examplesReference the course objectives that are linked to this assignmentNursing Research ArticlesDoes the article support or negate what you have learned in the class including readings, course discussions, case studies, and your own professional clinical practice experiences?Does the article support or negate your personal perceptions about the topic before/now?Paper Length and format using APA:8-10 pages in length, not including title and reference pagesAPA format (Students will submit via TurnitIn for originality)Include the following:Title Page Introduction (recommend 1/2 to 1 page)Literature Review of the four (4) articles- be sure to review the articles and perform a critical analysis of the ideas/concepts in each article in your discussion (recommend 2-4 pages)Discussion (recommend 3-5 pages)Conclusion and Recommendations (recommend 1-2 pages)Reference Page

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