Earn up to 25 extra credit points by doing the following:

1) go to a state historical society website (just about every state has a website for its historical society). You CANNOT use the Library of Congress website 2) locate a source created between 1840 and 1880 that deals with some concept of “evil”, such hell, devils, demons, Satan, etc. 3). Email me full information (including url) for that source, what’s in it, what’s interesting about it. Here is an example from a previous semester. Abraham Lincoln papers: Series 1. General Correspondence. 1833-1916: Lydia Smith to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, October 04, 1862 (Advice from a spiritual medium) From: Library of Congress Lydia Smith is the medium which communicates with Jesus to give advice to President Abraham Lincoln. The medium who is talking for Jesus states that Jesus knows that the devil is out on the lose since there is such disagreement between the North and the South. The medium puts equal sides to blame for causing so many problems since the devil is inside them. She talks about how the devil is in control of the fate of the country and humanity. She describes how the only solution is to try to get Lincoln’s best 6 army men and meet with the medium and finally stop the devilish war that is about to occur between the North and the South. The medium explains that the start of the problems is that the North and South think that the other is doing wrong, when really they are doing right. The medium does not talk about the evils of slavery and how that is what is really tearing the North and South apart. The medium thinks that what is being done in the South and the North is acceptable since she is stating that neither side is wrong.

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