Fall 2018 Written Assignment : Based upon your experience as an employee and/or guest of hotels as well as your studies of hotel operations this semester and your environmental scanning, what do you think is the single “most significant” issue that hotel managers face today? You may pick only one issue. You must then write a well thought-out argument stating your position and defending your rationale for taking this position. Make sure that you clearly convey to me why your chosen issue is such an important issue and how it adversely or positively affects the management of hotels or the delivery of service. Additional Criteria: • In correct format (preferably APA format), you must cite at least six different verifiable sources in support of your argument. All of your sources of information must be cited in your paper and must come from verifiable and respected academic and business journals, newspapers, government agencies, published white papers, or other peer-reviewed published research. You may use Internet search engines and online library portals to access these sources, or you may access these sources in hardcopy format. • No single source of information may be used twice. (For example, you can’t cite articles in USA TODAY twice, even if they are different articles, different authors, or from different dates.) • The reference list of at least six sources must be attached as the last page. 

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