Homeland Security – priority information requirements (PIRs)

 1) Develop a meaningful set of priority information requirements (PIRs) broken down into the following categories: a. Weather and climate b. Terrain c. Environmental conditions d. Maritime conditions e. Enemy strength and location f. Enemy intentions g. Enemy logistics h. Human terrain and infrastructure 2) For each category above, list 4-5 PIRs 3) For each PIR identify where that information may exist. This will become your laundry list of targets for intelligence collection. Each target of collection MUST BE linked to a specific PIR 4) For each target identify HOW you intend to collect that information (which INTs are most appropriate for collection). Limitation: you do not have access to space-based systems or other national technical collection. Those assets are at capacity and current dedicated to other missions. What you have available is organic to your Marine division and the associated naval task force. You will deliver the following for this assignment: 1) Create and SUBMIT a chart that contains the above information: a. All PIRs b. For each PIR a list of potential targets of collection c. Methods of collection you recommend for each Target-PIR combination 2) Create and SUBMIT a textual description of your planned use of a. IMINT b. HUMINT c. ELINT d. COMINT e. OSINT f. CYBERINT g. MASINT

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