hort Essays Please concisely answer five out of the followi

hort Essays: Please concisely answer five out of the following ten options below. Use 2 paragraphs per essay please in ink. {worth 25%} 1. What are two problems of the Great Compromise according to the anti-federalists2. How does authority differ from power according to lecture?3. What connection (if any) did the Shays Rebellion have to theelimination of the Articles of Confederation in 1786-1787?4. Why do we need government anyways according to Hobbes, Lockeand the founders? Explain briefly. 5. What are the essential differences between minor and major parties?6. Does public opinion matter to the parties? 7. Why are certain social movements successful? What do they do right?? 8. How does an interest group impact the campaign and election of 2012? 9.Explain the Obama coalition and how other candidates can benefit fromthe social groups that voted for his candidacy and campaign in 2008 and2012? 10. How does a primary differ from a general election in 2016? Use examples and explain. LongEssay Section: Time to fully explain your take or point of view on twoof the following essay options. Use pen if you can. {worth 25%} 1. Are parties a problem or a solution to democratic governance? Explain.2 2.Why would the founding fathers want toreplace the Articles of Confederation with a federal republic? Why would this not lead to tyranny?? 3. Which theory best explains the outcomes of 2012 and 2016? 4. Evaluate why Obama won re-electionaccording to the Gateways chapters 6-10 of our author and the Choice2016 video as pbs.org. 5. The Trump election of 2016 is the most recent electoral realignment. Examine this claim.

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