Hospital Incident Command (HICS)

The assignment is to report on an institution’s HICS policy. If you work at an institution that has a plan, please use it. (Hint: Schedule a meeting with your facility’s emergency response manager(s) – they can be a great asset with this project, and they will be delighted to have someone interested. You may even find yourself being asked to be a part of the EM committee in the future!). If you do not work for an institution with a HICS plan, Google and pick a healthcare organization to answer the following questions Start by giving a generic overview of what HICS is. (less than two pages) How is the HICS command management structure is organized in the organization you are describing? Show the block diagram with staff function titles. Go down as many tiers as possible. Describe each of this organization’s HICS functions by command title. At an minimum cover the command staff (Incident Commander, Public Information Officer, Liaison Officer, Safety Officer, Medical Officer, Operations Chief, Planning Chief, Logistics Chief, and Finance/Administration Chief). For what type of events does this organization mobilize HICS? What is and does your organization have a hazard vulnerability assessment? After you complete the above information, write a two or less page assessment of how well you think this procedure is for handling unusual or emergency situations. Please keep your paper to less than 10 pages, excluding title page, references, and appendices -( appendices may be used for diagrams if desired).

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