How could the American Dream be defined in the Great Gatsby

For this assignment you will compose a literary research paper on Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Your essay should be thesis driven, analytical, and it must include 8 direct quotations from the text of the novel, your primary source. In addition you must include 3 direct or indirect quotations cited from at least 3 secondary sources, that is, articles, essays, or books written by scholars of The Great Gatsby. Your work cited will include 4 entries, the novel, and 3 critical sources. You are not allowed to cite from general internet sources, such as websites. Your introduction should include a lead, a brief 4-5 sentence summary of the novel, an introduction of your topic, and your thesis. Each body paragraph should include a strong topic sentence, thorough supporting details, relevant and effective direct quotations, and clear concluding sentences. Your conclusion should include a re-emphasis of your thesis, a discussion of the significance of your thesis, and a placement of your topic in the bigger picture, in relation to the real world. Be sure to introduce and comment on each direct quotation; relate it to the subject of your body paragraph, which should in turn relate the question to your thesis. You must include 8 primary quotations from the novel and 3 secondary quotations from 3 different secondary sources, which is a total of 11 quotations.

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