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Testing: Where does it start? Where does it end?

Since the No Child Left Behind Act was implemented under the Bush administration, there has been much attention drawn to High Stakes Testing.

While accountability is a positive attribute to education, the topic is much more complicated than it seems.

Today, the focus of education and instruction is on the Common Core and Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) teacher accountability.

Discuss the benefits and the drawbacks of high stakes testing for students, families, districts and teachers. Your opinion is important, so there is no one-right answer.

Here are some questions to get you started: Who benefits from High Stakes Testing-HST? Who does not? H

ow is teacher instruction and accountability affected by HST?

How does HST impact school districts?

How is the data from HST used to inform districts, parents, students and teachers?

Is the data from HST used effectively? Is HST fair to students with disabilities?

Be sure to answer each question clearly and adequately. as possible. If using outside sources, make sure they are from the US and recent.

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