Please read those 2 Tempest below 1.The Tempest, William Shakespeare ( 2.A Tempest, Aime Cesaire ( then pick one of those questions bellow and talk about it . Compare and Contrast The Tempest, by Shakespeare, with A Tempest, by Cesaire. How does Cesaire’s treatment of Shakespeare change the play? What new themes and ideas are brought to the surface? What does Shakespeare have to say about the role of the artist in The Tempest? How/why can Shakespeare’s The Tempest be seen as his “Farewell to Theatre?” How does Shakespeare address the theme of colonization in The Tempest? How does his treatment differ from Cesaire’s? How is it similar? How does Shakespeare’s Prospero anticipate Cesaire’s Prospero? How does Shakespeare’s Caliban anticipate Cesaire’s? What do you see as the principle theme of Cesaire’s Tempest? Shakespeare’s? Does the explicitness of Cesaire’s politics help or hurt his “A Tempest”?

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