how to potty train a puppy

Potty training a new puppy takes a lot of time and patience. The first step is to establish a routine. Plan to take your puppy out every two hours. While you are potty training, be vigilant. Take your puppy out when you see him sniffing around or circling. Take your puppy out after he takes a nap and after he eats a meal. Also, always remember to praise your puppy.

Treats are a good way to show the puppy he is doing something good. The second step is adapting your schedule. Don’t leave your puppy alone for hours at a time. It may disrupt the potty training schedule you have worked hard to get him on. If you have to leave, place the puppy in a paper lined room or crate. The last step is coping with accidents. Remember, accidents happen. Never scream at or hit your puppy to stop the accident. If you find an accident, don’t yell.

Show them the spot and take them to the usual potty area outside. After you have taken him outside, clean the spot thoroughly so that the smell does not attract the puppy to repeat the accident. Although most puppies will be potty trained by the time they are six months old, some dogs aren’t fully potty trained until they are a year old. Enjoy playing with your puppy, be patient, and eventually you’ll have a fully potty trained dog.

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