How to Prepare the REVIEW of the article “ Mutant p53 One

How to Prepare the REVIEW of the article “ Mutant p53: One name, many proteins” Read the scientific article. Make notes summarizing key ideas and noting critical portions of the text.The review should be 5 pages, single-spaced or 1.5 spaces using a standard 12-point font (such as Times New Roman).As before, please include no more than one figure. FOR THIS REVIEW IT WILL BE FIGURE 2. Please address the following points in your review:In 300-500 describe the “Gain of Function Hypothesis”. Include and discuss the hypothesis in light of Figure 2 (which you should include in your review).Use FIGURE 2 as the CENTRAL FOCUS of you review. From Table 2, select one (1) CATEGORY of transcriptionally activated genes (such as “increased proliferation”) and in 300-500 words discuss how p53 might regulate your selected ‘cellular phenotype’.Include a short description of the final section “p52 and therapeutic approaches”.

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