Human Resource ManagementWritean 8-12 page research paper on

Human Resource ManagementWritean 8-12 page research paper on any human resources – Training and Development, thatallows for the application of strategic human resources management principlesand strategies. The paper needs to display your understanding of strategichuman resource management and how it fits with overall organizational strategy.2.Topics/conceptsinclude performance management; training and development, employee engagement;retention, workforce planning, compensation practices; sales compensation;executive compensation; global HR; labor relations; employee benefits; employeehealth care benefits; outsourcing/off-shoring, government relations;employee-management communications; employee turnover; diversity; etc.3.This isa research paper so in addition to the text and other course materials, you areexpected to include information from 4 – 5 other sources. These sources shouldbe substantial articles from professional or academic publications. Websitesthat are advertisements for consultant services or books are not appropriate.

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