Hypothermia Stragedies in the Perioperative Patient


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Introduction- Topic is introduced, describes why it is important to nursing; PICO question is stated. Full background is presented to describe the topic and citations are used to support.

Method for literature review-• Part two should describe the methodology of your literature review process; databases searched, key words and terms used, how you narrowed your search, etc.

Findings and evidence appraisals- At least one paragraph for each of your sources discussing how relevant to your topic; the strength of the evidence and the quality of it.

Conclusions and recommendations- a summation: based on the evidence reviewed and appraised- what should be done? Is a practice change warranted? If so, at what level- organization-wide? Departmental? Specialty-wide? All of nursing? etc.

APA-Scholarly Writing is evident including, but not limited to correct grammar, spelling, sentence structure, APA format including title page, running head, pagination, separate abstract page; separate reference page, proper in-text citation and reference citations, formal writing style

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