Hypothetical Terrorist Attack

 In the previous assignment, you researched into FAA regulations on drones and wrote about how a potential terrorist can bypass the current regulations. Expand on that and use it to form a research paper regarding a hypothetical terrorist attack. You can use the idea of drones as a factor in the attack, since you previously did some research on it. INSTRUCTIONS: Write a Red-Team report of a hypothetical terrorist attack. The paper should be double-spaced, 6 pages. Must include references and primary field research (apart from secondary research you are expected to collect data from several experts and practitioners). Any form you choose is okay, will not count towards your total page count. A Red Team is basically when an organization or government agency/department hires an independent group to assume an adversarial role in order to test that organization’s effectiveness in responding to a particular scenario (think of the Red Team during war games). Assume the perspective of a terrorist to design an attack scenario that would test an organization’s (or multiple organizations’) response to that scenario. Ideally, a Red Team comes up with a scenario that an organization has never dealt with or thought about before. The paper should be formatted like a Red Team’s report to whoever hired them. It doesn’t have to state who that is, but it should include details about the method of attack, how the actors execute the logistics behind the attack, what the potential response to the attack would look like, and the potential impact. Be exceptionally detailed about how a terrorist or terrorist group would actually execute the scenario you choose (i.e. don’t just say “I would conduct a cyber attack on XX”…explain how you would get the resources to be able to conduct that cyber attack, which can include people, goods, training, etc.).

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