I am doing MicrosoftFinancial Statement Analysis and Decisio

I am doing MicrosoftFinancial Statement Analysis and Decision Making ActivityPart IComplete the following:Each learning team member will select one of the following companies:Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco.Each team member should post an original message with the name of their company as the subject line in the week 3 team forum. There will be a different thread for each company. For the selected company, each team member will locate the company’s most recent SEC Form 10K. Post the link to the Form 10K in a message in the company’s message string in the team forum.Using the financial statements from the Form 10k, in an Excel worksheet, each team member will calculate the following ratios for their company for the most current year reported (I have provided a template for the Excel worksheet):1. Current ratio2. Current cash debt coverage ratio3. Receivables Turnover ratio (assume all sales are credit sales)4. Inventory Turnover ratio5. Debt to Total Assets ratio6. Times Interest Earned ratio7. Return on common stockholders’ equity ratio8. Return on assets ratio9. Profit margin ratio10. Price-Earnings ratioAppendix Chapter 13A starting on page 665 shows how to calculate all of these ratios for the Chicago Cereal Company. Each team member is required to post a message in the string for their company with their spreadsheet for their company as an attachment. I have provided an Excel template for each team member to summarize the needed financial statement information and to calculate the ratios for the current year for their company. Please follow the instrucitons in the Excel template carefully. If you do not completely understand the instructions, ask questions. You need to complete your ratio spreadsheet as required or you will lose significant points on this assignment. In a new message thread, the team should create a summary Excel Spreadsheet for the purpose of comparing the ratios of all of the companies. I have provided an Excel template for this summary sheet.Each team member is responsible for inputting their ratios into the summary spreadsheet. All team members must review all of the calculations for all of the companies. The team has final responsibility for the accuracy of the ratio calculations.As a team, highlight the company that has the best number/performance for each of the ratios.Part IICopy the summary of all the companies’ ratios into a table of ratios into a Word document as the first section of a financial analysis of your companies. The table is required in the paper so the reader can see all of the ratios with the analysis. Develop a 700-word evaluation of the selected companies in which the team does the following:Evaluate the financial opportunity presented by the companies. If the team was going to lend money to one of the companies reviewed, which one would it be? Defend the team’s decision by identifying and discussing specific ratios that would be important to a creditor.Evaluate the investment opportunity presented by the companies. If the team could invest $100,000 in one of the companies, which would the team select? Provide the rationale by identifying and discussing specific ratios that would be important for an investor.Evaluate the employment opportunity presented by the companies. If the team members could work for any of the companies, which company would the team select based on the company’s financial position? Defend the team’s decision by discussing the ratios as it relates to the overall financial position of the companies.Overall, which if the companies has the strongest financial position? Which of the companies has the weakest financial position? Refer to the ratios to support the team’s conclusions.Format the assignment consistent with APA guidelines.The following files must be submitted:-Each person needs to personally submit their completed individual ratio worksheet-One person needs to submit the final ratio summary sheet for the project-One person needs to submit the final paper

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