I as a supervisor need to write recommendation for a employe

I as a supervisor need to write recommendation for a employer who wants to enroll into star program.This is about STAR PROGRAM:STAR Mentoring Program Overview The Members 1st STAR (Striving to Achieve Results) Mentor Program is targeted for Specialists and MSRs who have a desire to move into a leadership role. The eight-month program runs from October and run through May. The focus of the STAR Mentoring Program is to enhance the participant’s leadership, communication, and networking skills. Throughout the program, STARs complete assignments relevant to the program objectives and interact with a pool of mentors who are focused on their development. Program ObjectivesEnhance leadership skillsExpand knowledge of internal business partnersDemonstrate professional maturityAlign with Members 1st cultureWho is eligible?Since the participants should be in an unofficial lead role, only certain positions are eligible. Click here to review the eligible positions on Moogle. Additional eligibility criteria include the following:Has been a Members 1st associate a minimum of 90 days as of July 1 of the program yearDemonstrates Core Values (Respect, Teamwork, Ethics, Community Involvement, Unparalleled Experiences, Adaptive to Change)Received at least a “Competent” overall performance rating on last review and currently performing at a “Competent” or above levelIs currently in a non-leadership role (no direct reports)Submits completed enrollment form and letter of interest I NEED TO WRITE : PLEASE INCLUDE THE REASON YOU ARE RECOMMENDING YOUR DIRECT REPORT FOR THE PROGRAM; WHAT DO YOU HOPE SHE WILL GAIN. PROVIDE AN EXAMPLE OF THE ASSOCIATE DEMONSTRATING INITIATIVE.

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