I have a small company which provides academic writing servi

I have a small company which provides academic writing services and the dissertation help UK to the students who suffers to write their own assignment. I never did any marketing of my business, but due to the recent competitions I am facing, I have decided to turn the table over by aggressive marketing of my business. Being a new in the marketing world, I need some sincere suggestions regarding the email marketing and the social media marketing so I can choose it for my marketing. I have been in contact with a digital agency in recent times, and they have recommended me to use both for my marketing. But I think they were recommended it because of their own personal interest and not considering the needs of my business. Being in the writing business for more than two years now I know what things attract the students and how they like to get approached by the writing companies. I have just some questions regarding the effects of using such mediums for approaching my clients. However, the only answer I am getting from that digital agency is that leave it to us, and we will show you the power of digital marketing. I want to ask all my readers that is email marketing and social media marketing mediums of digital marketing are persuasive enough that it can market the kind of writing business in which the trust is everything.

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