I have already created Observation tool for nursing and Freq

I have already created Observation tool for nursing and Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for that observation. I will need you to recreate them based on the feedback from my preceptor: See the A3 project plan to understand more about the project Thank you for sending.The data collection tool needs additional work.·Do you have the articles that you reviewed to understand the concepts of direct observation? Do’s and Don’ts and some examples of data collection tools? We discussed that there are many published articles about the accuracy of or distractions related to medication administration where direct observation was the methodology.·The data tool looks like what I sketched out, but I do not see any notations for stop/start/total time (sec).·Although we are not documenting nurses names, etc. we need to reflect the data per each single observation. I do not see that in the tool.·There should be instructions for completing the tool, with a legend, if applicable. This ensure consistency in data collection as well as interpretation of data documented in the tool. Instructions are also needed because we said we would send tool to the Nurse Managers. Right now, the tool would be meaningless to the NM.The entire FAQ needs additional work, particularly Q4 and Q5.Attached are – Observation tool that created by me.- Frequently asked questions (FAQ)- A3 project plan

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