I have attached the final report instruction. I only need yo

I have attached the final report instruction. I only need you to do ‘Body Part 1’ paraphrase to 1 page or half page is good enough and weekly report #102. Body Part 1: An analysis of how that department relates to other departments to jointly meet company goals. · Department Directly Associated WithProduction engineering often works with Product Design engineers to relay design changes and New product Introduction project to the production floor. This involves setting up new assembly lines, cycle time analysis and Work instructions· Other Departments AffectedProduction Engineers must also work with the Quality department to assure quality is built into production. Quality notes in Work instructions are key. International Standards also play a big role in the Automotive industry. Corrective actions requested by the customer are often resolved by the Production Engineer working with the Quality department.· Department Operations?· Company Politics/Norms/Cultures/etc.It’s a good idea to share tasks with all departments as a Production Engineer at Microplastics. One cannot simply delegate issues to another department without giving back in some sort of way. As a Production Engineer here, it helps not to present yourself as an office only type of person. It is best to spend time on the plant floor to know a little about every process and everyone needs to see in order to be respected.

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