I have done the first part of the paper , I need you to do t

I have done the first part of the paper , I need you to do the (Result, Recommendation/Discussion,Reflection) based on what have done and the information that provided. – Result: More than one format will have been worked out. Which design ‘won’? – Recommendation/Discussion: Which format do you recommend, and how strongly? Is this format similar to any that you read about, and how would you compare them? What limitations are there in the recommendations (only one sort of flowsheet, or user, or does it generalize)- Reflection: Look back at the learning objectives and comment on whether you achieved them or not. (‘No’ is possible, especially when you realize that the problem may be different from what you originally thought it was.)I will provide 2 excel sheets one is for direct observation that I did (look at the result tab) , and the other is the report that comes from Epic. Somewhere In the above sections you must include the following :- Determine the average # of seconds/minutes nurses spend documenting in Epic – Determine the average % of time nurses spend documenting in Epic – Determine which activities nurses spend the largest and smallest % of time documenting in – Determine which flowsheets nurses spend the most/least time documenting in. you will need also to insert the table results in the content and some graphs. Compare the direct observation data with data from the Epic NEAT report.- Similarities- Differences- Trends You may need to compare just 2 of the activities such as, MAR and Care plan. Attached are the excel sheets , A3 NEAT project plan to give an understanding of the project. The first part of the paper that’s done

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