I have the most of answer for this case but I need it to be

I have the most of answer for this case but I need it to be business report I need to make 6 different reports for this case for me and 5 of my friends.It have to be totally different we are in the same class with the same teacherI attached the data set and I attached two answers you can use them I need a business report not just answer the questions:The business report has:1- Introduction / summary2- Result / finding/ analysis3- ConclusionInterpret your findings from parts (a), (b), and (c) in a brief report.Develop a regression equation that expresses the relationship between age of the bus and maintenance. The age of the bus is the independent variable.a) Draw a scatter diagram. What does this diagram suggest as to the relationship between the two variables? Is it direct or indirect? Does it appear to be strong or weak?b) Develop a regression equation. How much does an additional year add to the maintenance cost. What is the estimated maintenance cost for a 10-year-old bus?c) Conduct a test of hypothesis to determine whether the slope of the regression line is greater than zero. Use the .05 significance level.

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