I have written a annotated bibliography with seven resources please it need s 20 atlas add and submit

I don’t understand this Engineering question and need help to study.

Gave template and my work unto 7 sources please complete it as 20 references

There are guidelines and discussion in the video lecture on doing an annotated bibliography. This is an intensive research assignment and you will have two weeks to complete. You need to start your research this week. Complete an annotated bibliography using the guidelines and assignment criteria discussed in the video lecture. A sample template is provided.for you to follow.

The instructor will be applying SafeAssign to all submissions. You are expected to provide the annotation to the references in your own words.

You are allowed multiple attempts but only the latest attempt submitted on or before the due date will be accepted and graded. Any assignment returned with a grade of 0 will allow the student to complete the assignment with a maximum grade of 80% awarded on the redo assignment.

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