I just need a paragraph answer to each one of these question

I just need a paragraph answer to each one of these questions: 1. Explain,why judges, who are not popularly elected, have such wide authority tostrike down popular laws; why do judges have such enormous power with solittle public accountability? Why does the U.S. have such anundemocratic institution in its democracy? 2. Do you think Justices should act according to the dictums of judicial activism or judicial restraint? You will want to include direct references to Meese and Brennan in your response. 3. Pretendyou are a Supreme Court Justice who must render a decision in eitherLee v. Tam or Gloucester County School Board v. G.G.. Both cases arecurrently before theSupreme Court. I want you to act as a S.C. Justice and, drawing onwhat you have already in this assignment, the U.S. Constitution, andother relevant course materials, render a decision. How would yourule? Why? On what are you basing your decision? Which parts of theConstitution or other documents are relevant? Remember you are actingas a justice, not simply expressing your personal opinions.

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