i just need some part done. I have completed most of the par

i just need some part done. I have completed most of the part. **I have already started the PowerPoint and have included relevant information from prior assignments. The titles and blank pages on the PowerPoint I am having trouble with because I have never done a research proposal. Please help!Research Proposal InstructionsDuring this course, you have developed a purpose statement and a corresponding research question, evaluated quantitative and qualitative research studies, identified a research design that you could use to address your research question, and composed a Literature Review on your topic.As a culminating project for this course, you will incorporate your previous work into a 25-slide PowerPoint presentation Research Proposal. You are not required to conduct the research that you discuss in your proposal; instead, outline a possible research plan. In your presentation, include the following elements:Title (1 slide)Abstract (1 slide)Purpose of the study (1 slide)Research question(s) (and hypotheses if selecting a quantitative design) (1–2 slides)Definition of variables and key terms (4 slides maximum)Operational definitions (i.e., measurable definitions) of variablesReview of the literature (5 slides maximum)Summary of the significant themes that emerged in your literature review (# of slides as needed)Research design (1 slide)Sampling (1 slide)Methods of data collection (1–2 slides)Data-analysis procedures (2–4 slides)Ethics and human relations (1–2 slides)Timeline (1 slide)Reference list (# of slides as needed)Follow correct APA format for citations as necessary. See the Research Proposal Grading Rubric for the specific grading criteria.Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8.

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