I NEED AN DRFT OF THE PAPERCVS vs. WalgreensGroup #3 Researc

I NEED AN DRFT OF THE PAPERCVS vs. WalgreensGroup #3 Research PaperWrite a 8-10 page research paper on the selected companies below. The 8-10 pages do not include the title page, graphs or references. The paper must include an introduction or abstract and a summary conclusion. (I will assign the group members to the groups.)OPTION: Your group may select any two companies, who are competitors in the same industry. Please let me know in advance if you wish to select different companies than what is offered below3. Compute- the following financial ratios for both companies and provide as an appendix to the required paper. If you need help understanding the meaning of the ratios or how to they are computed, go to: http://www.investopedia.com/university/ratios/Liquidity measurement ratio: · Current ratioProfitability indicator ratios:· Return on assets · Return on equity5. As an investor, discuss which company you would choose to invest in and provide a rationale for your decision. Support your conclusions, why or why not?6. After concluding your research about each company and reviewing their annual report, Discuss what non-financial criteria you would consider when choosing between these two investment options? Support your conclusions, why or why not?

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