I need help creating an outline on the rising price of cable

I need help creating an outline on the rising price of cable/satellite and people turning to online streaming options. The outline should explain in detail what should be covered in the core assessment paper. for example: i. Introduction Present the two theories that will be discussed throughout the entire paper ii. Strain Theory Origins/History (1930s-present)Discuss the concepts developed by Robert K. MertonDiscuss General Strain Theory Other Theorists’ contributions (Steven F. Messner, Richard Rosenfeld, Robert Agnew)Terms associated (anomie, relative deprivation, distributive justice, negative affective states) This paper is for a quantitative analysis class. I have attached a similar paper on the rising cost of NFL to give you an idea of what the paper is going to be like, which includes hypothesis testing. Please let me know if you have any questions. NOTE: Once my outline is approved by my professor, I may come back to you to help write the portion I am assigned. Thank you.

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