I need short answers to these 5 questions 3. Whatare civil

I need short answers to these 5 questions: 3. Whatare civil liberties? Name one. Are we obligated to respect the civilliberties of people who are ignorant or swayed by demagogues? Why orwhy not? 4. What is an iron or “cozy” triangle and what does it have to do with the “military-industrial complex? 5. Shortlyafter the Supreme Court has made a controversial and widely unpopulardecision on the rights of criminal suspects, a justice agrees to atelevision interview. The justice sets out to justify to the public theCourt’s enormous and undemocratic power. Write a brief script for thejustice. How will the justice explain the Court’s counter-majoritarian role and lack of direct accountability? 1. Whatare natural rights and the social contract? How are they embodied(where do they appear) in the Declaration of Independence? 2.Identify the main theme of either Federalist Paper #10 or Federalist Paper #51

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