I need the worksheet fully filled out and I need the complet

I need the worksheet fully filled out and I need the completed Cisco Packet Tracer PKA file using the latest version of Cisco Packet Tracer.Assessment ObjectivesPart 1: Initialize Devices (5 points, 5 minutes)Part 2: Configure Device Basic Settings (7 points, 30 minutes)Part 3: Configure Switch Security, VLANs, and Inter-VLAN Routing (7 points, 15 minutes)Part 4: Configure OSPFv2 Dynamic Routing Protocol (7 points, 25 minutes)Part 5: Implement DHCP and NAT (7 points, 25 minutes)Part 6: Configure and Verify Access Control Lists (ACLs) (7 points, 25 minutes) ScenarioIn this Skills Assessment (SA) you will configure a small network. You will configure routers, switches, and PCs to support IPv4 connectivity, switch security, and inter VLAN routing. You will then configure the devices with OSPFv2, DHCP, and dynamic and static NAT. Access control lists (ACLs) will be applied for added security. You will test and document the network using common CLI commands throughout the assessment. Required Packet Tracer Lab 3 Routers (Cisco 1941 with Cisco IOS Release 15.2(4)M3 universal image or comparable) 2 Switches (Cisco 2960 with Cisco IOS Release 15.0(2) lanbasek9 image or comparable) 3 PCs (Windows 7, Vista, or XP with terminal emulation program, such as Tera Term) Console cable to configure the Cisco IOS devices via the console ports Ethernet and Serial cables as shown in the topology

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