I. Reimbursement and the Revenue CycleA. Describe what reimb

I. Reimbursement and the Revenue CycleA. Describe what reimbursement means to this specific healthcare organization. What would happen if services were provided to patients but nopayments were received for these services? What specific data would you review in the reimbursement area to know whether changes werenecessary? B. Illustrate the revenue cycle using a flowchart tool. Take the patient through the cycle from the initial point of contact through the care andending at the point where the payment is collected. C. Prioritize the departments at this specific healthcare organization in order of their importance to the revenue cycle. Support your ordering of thedepartments with evidence. Guidelines for Submission: Your draft must be submitted as a three- to four-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Romanfont, one-inch margins, and at least three sources, which should be cited in APA format.

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