I saw that you already worked on this exact same assignment

I saw that you already worked on this exact same assignment a few days ago.I’m sure it was for a person in my class.But since you’ve already done it and understand it fully, I’m wondering if you can redo some parts of it, and paraphrase some parts, change some sources, etc.So that I don’t get plagiarism on the paper.Especially because we’re in the same class.I have a paper due tomorrow, so I’ll need it within 12 hours.I attached the assignment, please follow the requirements.Including word count, country list, etc.Check the attached file.______________________Preview:Using Sainsbury’s (http://www.j-sainsbury.co.uk/) as a case company:1. Identify a potentially attractive target market for the company’s future international expansion strategy. You will be provided with 3 specific countries below to choose from. In order to identify which of these 3 countries represents a potentially attractive target market, you are required to undertake a comparative PESTEL analysis of the macro-environmental factors of the 3 countries.You are required to undertake a comparative analysis of the macro-environmentalfactors of the following 3 countries in order to identify a potentially attractive targetmarket for your case company (Task 1):• Czech Republic• Ireland• Lithuania…. Check attachment for full details.

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