I watched the movie Magnificent Seven (the one from 2016, no

I watched the movie Magnificent Seven (the one from 2016, not 1960).It is common with the films mentioned in the content from this week in a few different ways:it involves the American frontier; both the westerns of old and the Magnificent Seven follow the characters on their adventures on the frontierThe both involve cowboys. I mean, is it even a western if there isn’t a cowboy involved?Big shootouts between good guys and bad guys;I am pretty sure that The Magnificent Seven was partially filmed in monument valleyit is a little bit different though (dont read below if you dont want spoliers)a lot of the ‘main’ characters die. Unlike westerns where the good guy wins, and the bad guy loses, a good number of the ‘good guys’ dont make it through the end of the movieIt was not a cheap quality film like some of the movies were in the 1920-40sI did not sense any political themes in the movie like the westerns made in the 50’s-70s however, there probably could be something that someone could pluck out and assert has a political motif.Special effects.There was a scene near the end where a large number of explosives were used to divert the enemy; this is a war tactic that I would not have expected to be used in a film about the American West, so it caught me off guard.Similar to the Western movies with Clint Eastwood, there were long drawn out shots that slowly built tension until an ‘action’ occurred (where people were shot)There was a scene where one of the characters ate an animals organ. He took a bite out of it and the organ flesh stretched and the sound was very, uhm, nasty.

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