I will not pay more than $15, this is not writing a fullpape

I will not pay more than $15, this is not writing a fullpaper, this is only making corrections from my instructors and classmatesfeedback. I am going to attached my rough draft, 3 peer reviews, and my instructors suggestions. Please look over and make any corrections my peers andinstructor mentioned…especially my instructors. Instructions for the paper:Select one of the following learner groups as the focus of your instructional plan:Adult literacy programVocational trainingWorkplace educationAdult English language learnersHigher education (college or university setting, traditional or online)Community educationWithin the instructional plan, you must:Describe the selected delivery model for the instructional program (e.g., e-learning, accelerated, on campus).Examine the purpose of learning strategies and outcomes in assessing student growth and comprehension.Apply relevant adult learning and developmental theories to the selected instructional delivery model and learning strategies. Assess the role of technology within the instructional plan. Discuss the role of adult learners’ cultural values and beliefs in the framework of teaching and learning.InstructorsSuggestions:Be sure to include several learning outcomes for your adult literacy program. Be specific; use one action verb per learning outcome. Refer back to Week 3’s discussion questions on learning outcomes.

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