I would like you to do a book of 300 pages by using InDesign

I would like you to do a book of 300 pages by using InDesign program, but first I’ll give you the first step, just the beginning. After I see how you highly understand the direction and do it correctly, I’ll give you 50$ to do the rest of the book. I’ll attach the book after the agreements. TIMELINE PROJECT • ARTH430V • Fall 2017The final Timeline Project due will be in a digital book created in InDesign. All parts of the book must bedesigned well. This means that there should be smart typographic choices and consistency throughout thepages even if that means minimalist style throughout. In ARTH-4573, the course is not only for graphicdesign majors and there is more leeway in these requirements. However, you are a design major who isabout to graduate. A few points:Citations must be correct on all images. I have included the dates on some of these that may beconfusing. Feel free to copy paste from the information from this document and then edit. The citationmust be as follows:Artist’s name (if available), Name of Artwork, Year Created, Medium (if available)For example:Jan Tschichold, Cinema Poster for Die Hose (The Trousers), 1927, ink on paperRemember that these are listed in the order they appear in the book. The timeline you create will beeverything on ONE timeline – in order of time, as a timeline does. JNot every image in the book or lecture is used.Please use “BCE” instead of “BC”. Likewise, “CE” is now accepted over “AD”, though neither isnecessary on this timeline. It will be obvious in the flow of the book.Resolution of images must be 150 DPI at full printed size (at least the size shown in Meggs book). NOLESSThe book may have single pages or spreads. There must be a front cover with student’s name and“History of Graphic Design Timeline”. A back page must include a bibliography (see next).You will need one bibliography slide or page at the end of your presentation/book. This must becompleted in Chicago Style.o Meggs, Phillip B. and Alston W. Purvis. Meggs’ History of Graphic Design, 5th Edition.Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2012.o For other books, sites, podcasts, etc. from which you gathered information, see online sourcesfor Chicago Manual of Style’s correct BIBLIOGRAPHY (not footnote/endnote) citationmethod.o Websites from which images were pulled are not necessary for you to cite only for this projectin this class. Never claim you took the picture and never sell your work as a commercialproduct. An academic paper would require proper citation and selling imagery that you do notown breaks copyright laws.Timeline Project Step 1Cave Painting from Lascaux, c. 15,000-10,000 BCEFremont rock painting from San Raphael Swell, c. 2000-1000 BCE, Utah, USAEarly Sumerian pictographic tablet, c. 3100 BCECuneiform tablet from Umma, c. 2050 BCEOld Babylonian (c. 1850 BCE) in Akkadian use either 1-11 or 1-12Stele bearing the Code of Hammurabi, 1792-1750 BCE (include both full image and detail ofwriting)Stamp-cylinder seal (“the Tyszkiewicz seal”), Hittite, 1650-1200 BCEThe Rosetta StoneDetail from the Papyrus of HunefarPhaistos Disk, undatedRas Shamra script, c. 1500 BCETimotheus, The Persians, 4th century BCEVotive stela with four figures, 5th century BCEGreek allotment tokens, c. 450-430 BCEGreek juror’s ballots, 4th century BCEEtruscan Bucchero vase, 7th or 6th century BCE1Carved inscription on Trajan’s columnWall writing from Pompeii, 1st century BCE (use image 2-20)Four-handled vessel with chin-wen inscription, 11th century BCE (include both full image anddetail of writing)Li Fangying from Album of Eight Leaves, 1744Shi Tao, the Love of Lotus landscape, Qing dynasty (1644-19120 CE)Chinese relief tomb sculpture and rubbing (show both), northern Qi dynasty (550-577 CE)The Diamond Sutra, 868Chinese playing cards, undated (use image 3-18)Chinese movable types, c. 1300 BCE (use image 3-19)File : Package this InDesign file and place all within week’s folder in shared folder.Include the PDF that will be created when packaged.o Image citations must be correct. Images at size specified above.o Name the file Timeline_Aug28WEEK.inddo Compress the folder that contains the INDD file, Links, Fonts, and PDF.Upload this ZIP file.DUE in Aug 28 WEEK folder by Sun Sept 3rd, 11:59pm

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