Identifications You will be asked to answer 5 out of 10 iden

Identifications You will be asked to answer 5 out of 10 identifications on the final examination. These identifications will be worth a total of 25 points. Identifications include the basic who/what, where, when, why (why this came about, happened, occurred—think background), and the significance. The significance portion of the answer is to get you to think about why X mattered in the past (immediate ramifications) and why X might matter in the future (long term consequences). Each identification will be worth 5 points. The scoring system does allow for partial credit based upon what is in your answer. Never leave an identification blank. Always try to put something down of relevance to earn some points for the identification. Possible Identifications: Zimmermann Telegram Versailles Treaty KKK Sacco and VanzettiDawes Plan NSC-68The Great Depression Herbert HooverAdolph Hitler “Four Freedoms”Atomic Bombs Korean WarIran Hostage Crisis Truman Doctrine Lavender Scare Suburbia Montgomery Bus Boycott Tet Offensive The Beats The HousewifeBay of Pigs Greensboro Malcolm X WatergateRichard Nixon “Containment”

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