(1) Identify an analytic subject for a warehouse and justify why such a subject is interesting to the decision making of your application. The subject would be related to key performance indicators in the application. Discuss how the warehouse is subject oriented, integrated, nonvolatile, and time variant. Note that as you have a specific database and have identified a specific subject, your discussion must refer to the concepts/tables in the application and their relationships to the subject. (2) Design a star schema for the warehouse to support the analysis of the subject and the dimension tables of the schema. Draw the schema in a diagram. Your diagram may be simple, but the concepts in the diagram must be correct. Justify the reasons why the attributes in the dimensional tables and the fact table are necessary for analyzing the subject. Show sample data for the tables in the schema. The amount of sample data should be enough to demonstrate some concepts and logics and to help your description. The names of your warehouse tables should start with “wh_”.

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