Identify the given random variable as being discrete or continuous. The pH level in a shampoo A) Continuous B) Discrete 2. Determine whether the…

1.Identify the given random variable as being discrete or continuous.The pH level in a shampooA) ContinuousB) Discrete2.Determine whether the following is a probability distribution. If not, identify the requirement that is not satisfied.xP(x)00.22910.15520.16630.09840.17250.238 HTML Editor3.Find the mean of the given probability distribution.The number of golf balls ordered by customers of a pro shop has the following probability distribution.x3691215P(x) A) 9.3B) 8.22C) 9D) 6.634.Solve the problem.Find the variance for the given probability distribution. xP(x)00.1710.2820.0530.1540.35A) 2.63B) 2.69C) 2.46D) 7.435.Solve the problem.Suppose you pay $3.00 to roll a fair die with the understanding that you will get back $5.00 for rolling a 3 or a 6, nothing otherwise. What is your expected value?A) $5.00B) -$1.33C) $3.00D) -$3.006.Determine whether the given procedure results in a binomial distribution. If not, state the reason why.Rolling a single die 19 times, keeping track of the numbers that are rolled.A) Procedure results in a binomial distribution.B) Not binomial: the trials are not independent.C) Not binomial: there are more than two outcomes for each trial.D) Not binomial: there are too many trials.7.Assume that a procedure yields a binomial distribution with a trial repeated n times. Use the binomial probability formula to find the probability of x successes given the probability p of success on a single trial.n = 30, x = 5, p = 1/5A) 0.421B) 0.198C) 0.172D) 0.0678.Find the indicated probability.An airline estimates that 98% of people booked on their flights actually show up. If the airline books 76 people on a flight for which the maximum number is 74, what is the probability that the number of people who show up will exceed the capacity of the plane?A) 0.8051B) 0.3340C) 0.2154D) 0.54949.Find the mean, , for the binomial distribution which has the stated values of n and p. Round answer to the nearest tenth.n = 665; p = .7A) = 467.2B) = 465.5C) = 466.8D) = 464.010.Find the standard deviation, , for the binomial distribution which has the stated values of n and p. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.n = 1507; p = .57A) = 16.81B) = 23.34C) = 19.22D) = 22.49

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