Outline 4 activities each of which teaches science using a different type of enquiry as specified in the National Curriculum (DfE 2013):

Observing over time

Pattern seeking

Identifying, classifying and grouping

Comparative and fair testing


Please note these are not detailed lesson plans, use the suggested template

For each type of science enquiry:

Note the relevant topic statement from the KS2 NC Programme of Study specifying the year group to be taught.

Note a question that guides the investigation.

Write two learning objective for the activity, that addresses the aspect of ‘working scientifically’ and one that addresses as aspect of knowledge or understanding.

Describe the main teaching activity briefly stating what the children will do, and what resources would be used

Note one question that would assess whether or not the children have developed in their ability to work scientifically. State what would constitute evidence of learning by giving possible responses of the children.


 Please note that you:

Must select three different topics from the module, and one topic not covered in the module.

Must select topics from each of the four year groups in KS2

May use activities covered on this module.

Must include a bibliography, but only list those items referenced in your text. This is not included in the word count.

May use sub headings.

Must submit essay with criteria feedback sheet (see folder on Assignment Guidance)


Conclusion – A paragraph concluding the whole essay giving your considered opinion about the value of scientific enquiry in the learning of science in key stage 2 classes.

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