Identifying Leadership skills

 This is two separate assignments. Both only one page each. 1st paper: To identify your leadership skills 2.To provide a profile of your leadership skills showing your strengths and weaknesses Total Scores Administrative skill: ___22________________ Interpersonal skill: ____21________________ Conceptual skill: ___19__________________ Scoring Interpretation The Leadership Skills Questionnaire is designed to measure three broad types of leadership skills: administrative, interpersonal, and conceptual. By comparing your scores, you can determine where you have leadership strengths and where you have leadership weaknesses. If your score is 26-30, you are in the very high range. If your score is 21-25, you are in the high range. If your score is 16-20, you are in the moderate range. If your score is 11-15, you are in the low range. If your score is 6-10, you are in the very low range Based on what you know about yourself and the scores you received on the Leadership Skills Questionnaire (provided above) in the three areas (i.e., administrative, interpersonal, and conceptual), how would you describe your leadership skills? Which specific skills are your strongest, and which are your weakest? What impact do you think your leadership skills could have on your role as a leader? Explain. 2nd paper: Read Habit 2 begin with the end in mind. Stephen Covey (n.d.) contended that effective leaders “begin with the end in mind” (para 2.). These leaders have a deep understanding of their own goals and mission in life. How would you describe your own values and purpose in life? In what way is your leadership influenced by these values?

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