if you fail to hire people that have different backgrounds a

if you fail to hire people that have different backgrounds and experiences, you will limit the creativity that the employees bring to the organization. As a result, the organization could remain stagnant or fail. For instance, five years ago our former CEO hired our former Director of HR. He hired someone exactly like himself. Unfortunately, that meant they were both introverted, didn’t take a firm stand in what they believed in and overall weren’t really people persons. As leaders of our organization, those are not traits that translated well to our employees. Consequently, the employees didn’t respect either of them, our business was not as successful as it could have been and neither of them are with our company any longer. The same scenario played out with other senior managers that are no longer with our organization. Bringing in employees that are different challenges the other employees to stand up for what they believe in and also brings new ideas and perspectives to the table. On the flip side, there may be instances where it is a good idea to hire employees that are not as diverse. Can you think of a scenario where that may occur?

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